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JP-32SE/ 40SE/50SE/60SE

Heavy Duty High-Speed Automatic Special Side Bag Welding Machine

  • The machine frame is made of prefabricated flame cut sheet 16mm thick to ensure the machine rigidity, less machine vibration under high-speed running.
  • Feeding motor, automatic control, save labor adjusted, stability in operation, professional technician is not necessary.
  • Any different type of the bag with several use as option, easy to replace.

A folding frame can be supplied for single wounds sheet. This helps to reduce reel changes as each reel would contain more metres for the same diameter. 
The unwind stand is equipped with edge guiding for accurate folding.

Tüm Firmalarımız ISO 9001-2000 Kalite Yönetim Sistemi, CE Avrupa Birliği Kalite Standardı belgelerine sahiptir.