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JP-800B/ 1000B/1250B/1500B
  • Ideal for sealing and cutting super-thin bags as well as T-shirt type bags also.
  • Fully automatic electronic control.
  • Electromagnetic clutches and brakes ensure accuracy of bag sealing and cutting.
  • Electric eyes follows printing ensures the accurate position of pattern on the bag.
  • High-Speed sealing and cutting (Max. 150pcs/P.P.M.)to save time and labour; meeting the requirement of modern method of business adminstration.
  • Easy to operate and ensure perfest cutting as well as durable sealing.

Tüm Firmalarımız ISO 9001-2000 Kalite Yönetim Sistemi, CE Avrupa Birliği Kalite Standardı belgelerine sahiptir.