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Product Name : HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE Blown Film Machine

Description :
We are leading Blown Film Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan.
BFM series Blown Film Machines is specially designed model for making shopping bag size range tubular film, or any lay-flat film width less than one meter. Max. production output rate from 50 kg/hr till 70 kg/hr.


Features :

Extruder with conventional screw design at the length ratio as 30:1 in order to obtain the best plastization and mixing result. Heavy duty gear box with thrust bearing of SKF brand of Sweden made, of forced type lubrication system with extra oil cooler and oil pump to ensure longer running life.
Die adopts the latest technology with spiral type design to give smooth parison flow and allow pressure drop to avoid die line. Air ring of aluminum casting chamber with high precision machining and polished air surface to give even air flow and maximum stability.
Turbo cooling blower with inverter control to give accurate air volume adjustment. Stabilizer to assist a better hold for HDPE bubble stability.
Take-up unit of heavy duty steel frame structure with height adjustable by motor.
Free size gusseting board as well as the embossing roller units are the standard attachments.
Winder of surface friction type design, a hand free operation from film winding to reel change. Film cutting is controlled by counter to give alarm when setting meter is reached and cut by air knife operated by rodless air cylinder. Labor just required to load the empty winding shaft and move out the finished film roll. Winding air shaft is the standard attachment.


Specification :

Extruder: Ø55mm, screw L/D=28:1
Film Width:
-400 ~ 700mm
-500 ~ 900mm
-700 ~ 1,100mm
Film Thickness: 0.01mm ~ 0.02mm
Extrusion output:
-50 ~ 65 kg/hr (HDPE) for film width 400 ~ 1,100mm
-55 ~ 70 kg/hr (LDPE) for film width 400 ~ 1,100mm
-50 ~ 60 kg/hr (LLDPE) for film width 400 ~ 1,100mm
Main drive:
-30 HP AC with inverter
-40 HP AC with inverter
Extruding die:
-75/100mm, 100/125mm, 125/150mm for HDPE
-125/175mm, 175/225mm, 225/275mm for LDPE
Main pinch rollers:
-Ø160 x 800mm
-Ø215 x 1,000mm
-Ø215 x 1,200mm
Line speed: 10 ~ 90 M/min
Take up height: 4,500mm, 5,000mm
Winding roller:
-Ø300 x 800mm
-Ø300 x 1,000mm
-Ø300 x 1,200mm
Winding speed: 10 ~ 90 M/min
Optional attachment:
-Auto regulator
-Swing type screen changer
-Corona surface treater
-LDPE die head air ring
-Rotary die head
-Back to back winder
-Embossing rol

Tüm Firmalarımız ISO 9001-2000 Kalite Yönetim Sistemi, CE Avrupa Birliği Kalite Standardı belgelerine sahiptir.